Where We Stand

Alright everyone, so here we are at the beginning of May 2012, and we aren’t sure who is going to be the waste management provider for the City of Georgetown as of October 2012. Since 1998, TDS has been our go to provider for this service. For a trash company their service certainly doesn’t stink (my sense of humor might).  There haven’t been many or any complaints about their services up to this point, but The City Council decided in October to not renew their contract with TDS. They instead decided to open the opportunity up to accept bids from TDS and other waste management companies. The Georgetown City Council decided to do this even though TDS has provided close to the lowest rates for trash and single stream recycling (not needing to sort your recycling) in central Texas. Their reasoning is that they want to get the best deal for us, the taxpayers. This sounds reasonable enough right?

The deadline for bids that the City of Georgetown (COG) set just expired at the end of April. Here are the companies to my knowledge that have submitted: Waste Management, BFI/ Republic, IESI/ Progressive Waste, and TDS.

Now, did all this start 5 years ago when Councilman Pat Berryman undertook actions that caused Bob Gregory, principal owner of TDS, to file a criminal complaint against her “in regards to the TDS contract” where he, “alleged fiscal and ethical misconduct.”  (Williamson County Sun 11/30/11)

Well, Ms. Berryman did lead the charge to reopen the contract for the COG back in October so that other companies could bid against TDS. Something about this trash business smells fishy, and I’m not talking about the dumpster behind Monument Cafe (had to get at least one more garbage pun in there).

This certainly does raise some questions, doesn’t it?

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The Depths of G’town

Do you know what happens to your waste after you get rid of it?

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